viernes, 17 de febrero de 2017

Creating Mail server in Linode

I use (which is much more easy and cheaper than Amazon)

For creating a Main Server, follow the steps mentioned in this site:

Some changes and missing stuff on this page:

We assume you are creating a user named info

1) You need to create these folders:
sudo mkdir /home/info
sudo mkdir /home/info/mail
sudo mkdir /home/info/mail/.imap

2) Give permission to all:
sudo chown -R info:info /home/info

3) In my case (my server is, I have the HTML folder here:

So, create the info user here and not where it says:

4) From terminal, you need to add this user to mail:
adduser info mail

5) Give run permission to Postfix by running:
sudo chmod -R +w /var/mail/

6) you will need to edit a configuration file to allow receive emails
sudo nano /etc/postfix/

Where they put: example change them for
This mistake is done by the wizard.

Restart Postfix using:
/etc/init.d/postfix start

Logs for Postfix:

NOTE: use sendmailconfig if you changed something on /etc/hosts
NOTE: any problem you have, check mail.err because port 25 or the SMTP could be used.

That should do ;-)