martes, 19 de agosto de 2014


I have a pending review about my last BlackBerry device I bought some time ago. I'm very happy with it and that's why I decided to put some comments here about my experience.

On the hardware side, I must say that it's excellent. BlackBerry IS a hardware company more than a Software company and that's very visible... The quality of the screen is excellent for reading. My Samsung Galaxy has a much brighter screen and that's not good for long readings. So I prefer BlackBerry.

The camera is good enough for what it must do. The overall performance is very good.

BlackBerry now has a new Sync app for Desktop, called "BlackBerry Link". It has a new design and many new functionality. The one I like most (something I was expecting from other manufacturers) is the capability of sync without the USB cable!

You can copy files and do all you do but no need fo USB plugging. That's good for battery life optimization. Apple has the same problem with devices plugged to the computer and charging the battery when it's already full. So they are not sending any charge to the device and saving battery... To me, this BlackBerry implementation is much better.

Finally, I hope BlackBerry can rise and become a competitor for the today's World. And if they reach that goal, I hope they don't forget about what happened: They thought they were the biggest ones and did nothing for users.