domingo, 25 de agosto de 2013

My God! The most wanted answer is here.

Finally, and for the best, Steve "crazy" Ballmer is leaving Microsoft.
Sure, otherwise, everybody was looking Microsoft following the same path as Blackberry.

These are some videos reflecting his way of thinking (always wrong, of course)

ms dos microsoft
TV Comercial

“I love this company!”: Redmonds' golden age

Ballmer saying thay iPhone is not going to sell anything.
Ballmer saying that iPad has no future:
Ballmer saying that Chrome OS is NOT the future:
Let's wait for the new guy. Microsoft needs to put everything on risk and start creating new things instead of following what it's already created.
There's time, of course. Will they do it?

¡Developers, developers, developers! Steve Ballmer y sus 33 años de historia en Microsoft

Microsoft, Nokia and Oracle: We're not in the 80's dude...

You know what happens when companies still working and doing business are still in the past? They write letters like this one:

They claim that Google gives Android for free but they force manufacturers to install software from Google (like Google Maps and more)

So, this is lame. Because:

1) It's FREE, dude! To ask for these apps pre-instaled is almost nothing. Microsoft charges for Windows and they have almost nothing from third party companies. Besides... Microsoft: You're not selling Windows for phones because of android. You can not sell it because your OS stinks! It does not work, man. Besides you have thousands of bugs and viruses!

You know what every new Windows user do when they complete their installation? They replace Internet Explorer with Chrome or Firefox. Admit it. You stink.

2) Why don't you do the same with Windows and Java and whatever Nokia has to offer as Operative System?

There are many other obvious reasons not worth listing here... Grow up dudes and start thinking for this century.

sábado, 24 de agosto de 2013

BlackBerry está en venta. ¿Su principal activo? Sus patentes

Si, desde hace unas semanas que la empresa está en venta.
Moraleja? Varias...

1) Nadie tiene la vaca atada.
2) No creas que porque un gigante es grande no puede ser derribado.

BlackBerry está en venta. ¿Su principal activo? Sus patentes

miércoles, 21 de agosto de 2013

NAudio - do great stuff with audio and recording in C#

NAudio Overview

NAudio is an open source .NET audio and MIDI library, containing dozens of useful audio related classes intended to speed development of audio related utilities in .NET. It has been in development since 2002 and has grown to include a wide variety of features. While some parts of the library are relatively new and incomplete, the more mature features have undergone extensive testing and can be quickly used to add audio capabilities to an existing .NET application. NAudio can be quickly added to your .NET application using NuGet.

NAudio demo project showing an MP3 file playing:

NAudio WPF Project showing waveform visualisation and spectrum analyser:

NAudio - Home

martes, 20 de agosto de 2013

Yeah, I'm tired now...

I'm still thinking that companies like BlackBerry have pure commercial interest rather than put some interest in people . The only thing they want from people is their money.

In my case, I have a long-time forgotten PlayBook tablet. And I say forgotten because no real news for that excellent device is been told since a year now (or maybe more)

Sure, they are so busy with all the incredible new series of Z10 phones... No one cares about the old tablet. They don't care who is using it, who is developing applications.

And we all know why this is happening. BlackBerry is trying to avoid dissapearing from Earth. Now they care? When they though that they could live forever?

Oh yes, I'm sick of these kind of companies...